"Sudden Mango Sweet, Sweet Mango. The first time, don't like too sweet food, add a bottle of yogurt, harvest in the accident, sweet and fresh, delicious milk Mango


Main material mangle meat 300g, no sugar milk powder 50, pure milk 250ml, yogurt 1 bottle, excipient sugar 30g, fruity taste, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for yogurt mango ice cream

1 self-bike mango, epidermis sticky, mango soaked in light salt water in 5 minutes, rinse

2 peel, go to the verdance

3 Put the cooking machine to make a puree, put it into the stairs

4 Preparing ingredients

5 pure milk and sugar poured into the milk pot and boiled, press the hot milk key, poured into the milk powder, stir until no particles, then boiled for 1 minute, to stir up from time to time, put the cold water cooling

6 pour into the mango mud and stir well

7 Add yogurt and stir evenly smoothly

8 cover the lid, put the refrigerator with the refrigerator, take it out for 1 hour, stir well, after each HALF is hit, stir well 4 times, and finally put it in the last few hours. When you have to eat, take it out for 5 six minutes to soften some, and the spoon can dig it.


Take out every time you have to stir even. There is only a sugar milk powder in the family, and the milk powder with sugar can also be added, and the sugar is added according to the preferences of each person. I did it a day before, I can eat it the next day.