Main material egg yolk, 70g, blueberryDifficulty,

Ice cream cake practice steps

1 Do lemon sauce first, put 2 spoonful of white sugar, lemon juice, lemon dumses, egg yolk, and cut the small pieces of butter in the milk pot, the small fire is heated and stirred until it is thicker, sieved to the ice waterCooling in the basin

2 Put the Two Zhangfang film in the mold and leave an appropriate width around

3 put blueberries and sugar into the mixer

4 stir into a uniform sauce solution

5 sieve

6 light cream to play seven hair

7 Add lemon sauce, stir evenly

8 mold plus a Half cream lemon sauce

9 finger biscuits face with homemade blueberry sauce, paved in the mold

10 In the remaining cream lemon sauce, spread with a doctor

11 Put the plastic wrap outside the mold in turn, put it in the refrigerator to freeze 8 hours

12 Reflex on the dish, uncover the plastic film, use the heated knife to enjoy it.