"The weather is hot, the fare is relaxed, this dessert ice cream bread, there is a bit like Mousse Cup. Very delicious, easy to make."


INDUSTAL STEAMED BUNSHALF, ice cream, cooked peanuts, 1 pieces of butter, sweet flavor, roasted process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Ice cream bread dessert cup practice steps

1 butter isolated over water melting

2Steamed Buns Slices, Two Brush

3 cut into fine

4 is evenly placed on the baking tray

5 Preheat the oven to furnine 200 degrees for 8 minutes,

6 float once again baked for 2 minutes, release

7 Ice cream in advance

8 cooked flowers

9 sewing melting chocolate sauce

10 take a cup to pour a layer of banana ice cream

11 putting a layer of roasted steamed buns

12 put a layer of banana ice cream

13 sprinkle the right amount of peanuts

14 put a layer of grilled Steamed Buns Ding

15 champed with chocolate Sauce sprinkled with flowers

16 can also take a cup, pour it into a layer of egg yolk milk ice cream

17 Join the right amount of roasted Steamed Buns Ding, add a layer of ice cream, then put a layer of roasted Steamed Buns, champed with chocolate sauce!

18 is doing this

19 Grilled Steamed Buns Ding crispy taste and ice cream, cool smoothness, cool crisp! It's so delicious to stop!

20 finished product