"Ice cream is a mixed frozen food after milk and egg mixing."


Mainly egg yolk 2, milk 150 grams, escison white sugar 50 grams, milk flavor, boiled process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practices for egg yolk milk ice cream

1 egg yolk 2, 150 grams of pure milk, 50 grams of sugar

250 grams of white sugar into the egg yolk

3 use eggbeater low speed

4 happen to egg yolk, melting of sugar

5 hit egg yolk to put on one side

6 milk poured into the milk pot, boil, cook, milk, bubble,

7 slowly poured into the egg yellow paste, stir it while stirring, so as not to heat the milk, all the mixing is even uniform.

8 milk egg yolk fell back milk pot

9 small fire booles and stir, so as not to confuse

10 Cook to the milk bubble rises up to the fire

11 cool

12 Pour in the stairs, pick up the refrigerator freezer.

13 hours take it out and stir it once, stir it four times.

14 finished products