"The street sounds the snow strip! Sell snow strips ..... Snowbeat is a child's memory, in the era of refrigerator, freezer, a wooden box, a broken cotton, a snow strip, hanging On the side of the 28-inch bicycle, this is the advanced frozen equipment of the business brain in that year, one ~ 2 points, can eat a luxury, ice, hard, have a little sugar, sometimes the brother仨 Sharing a single mouth, everyone is holding a few mouthfuls, the turn is the moment when adding is the happiest moment, others are full of eyes, deeply afraid of being swallowed by him. Nowadays, now is dessert The store and snow wholesale shop, is not rare, what you want to eat, you can do it at home, in the season without strawberries, the arrival of Farov strawberry cotton candies will send a few more cool tender. Powder powder Strawberry red, faint strawberry aroma, sweet instead of sugar with milk, sweet and not greasy. "


Made of milk 100 grams, accessories marshmallow (strawberry flavor) moderate amount, milk flavor, frozen process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Strawberry cotton candy popsicle step

1 flared strawberry cotton candy, fresh milk, make a popsicle mold, juice machine

2 Milk injection into the cup of juice machine

3 Dudout Fahov strawberry cotton candy, add it according to your taste.

4 flared strawberry cotton candy is placed in a stirring cup.

5 Pack the stirovers and tighten the cover.

6 cups are placed on the host, point the button, let the milk are fully integrated with Farov strawberry cotton sugar

7 molds insert small wooden stick.

8 injection mixed milk into the mold

9 Cover the mold cover and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours;

10 Remove from the refrigerator when you eat it.


Cotton candies like it to add