"Coffee fire dragon can ice cream, high fiber, silk, cool summer! Color pink is tender, rich in high-fiber nutrition, entrance silk, cold, cake, crispy fragrance!"


Main material red heart dragon fruit 80g, butter 25 grams, Maria biscuits 3-4 pieces, 3-5 grams of coffee beans, sugar amount, cream 25g, sweet flavor, frozen process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for coffee dragon fruit ice cream

1 Prepare all materials;

2 Will 25 grams of butter by water;

3 Pieces 3-4 Marybolings in the food plastic bag, crushing with rolling noodles and stir evenly with the melted butter;

4 Grinding 3-5 grams of coffee beans for coffee powder is ready;

5 Sieve the coffee powder into butter cookies and stir well after drying;

6 Pack the coffee butter biscuit in the bottom of the abrasive tool and compact, it is recommended that the thickness is not less than 1/6 of the abrasive.

7 Treatment of dragon fruit with juicer;

8 Add fresh cream in the dragon juice and stir well;

9 Take the dragon fruit cream fluid into the mill, 9 points, and then put the abrasive to the refrigerator to refrigerate 3-4 hours after removal;

10 pink girl's favorite ~


Production of coffee powder with fresh coffee beans, not only the flavor is strong, but it does not include the endless coffee containing the end of fat, it will not cause the cardiovascular, and fresh baked coffee can not only speed up the metabolism, but excreplace the body. The moisture, also contains antioxidant chlorogenic acid, so the more you drink (eat), the less thin, the more beautiful, the general person, I don't tell her ~