"This is a kind of ice cream, pure milk with a cantaloupe, add a little white sugar. I like some granular cantaloupe, so use the knife to cut the cantaloupe. After the ice cream is done, I will put it right away. In the small cup, enjoy it after refrigerating, and then frozen, eat while melting, very good. "


Main material 3G, pure milk 200ml, excipient white sugar, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for cantaloupe milk ice cream

1 cantaloupe peeled to wash clean

2 chopped cantaloupe

3 White sugar in the cantaloupe

4 pour the milk and stir well

5 Add a little linname powder and stir well, put it into the refrigerator, so that it cools to 5-10 degrees

6 Remove the ice cream bucket from the refrigerator freezer, mounted to the gearbox, and then install the stirred leaf on the stirring shaft of the ice cream barrel.

7 Turn on the cover machine, attach the gearbox with the ice cream bucket on the base of the breader, turn on the power, select the "iMix" function on the bread machine, time set to 30 minutes, start this function, stir the leaf

8 Remove the refrigerator refrigerator, refrigerated raw materials, mix back into the ice cream into the ice cream, cover the top cover, and the bread machine work. I heard the buzzer continuous beep, the machine automatically stops working

9 Remove the ice cream into the bread machine, then remove the stirred leaves, you can enjoy it.

10 can also put ice cream into the small cup

11 Release after refrigerating the refrigerator freezer


1. The ice cream bucket is to freeze and let it enter the working condition for more than 16 hours. 2, the ice cream made is soft. If you like hard ice cream, you can put ice cream into the refrigerator freezer for 15-25 minutes. My this is a cup to be frozen for nearly 10 hours.