"Northeast, the more cold and the more you eat cold!"


Mainly egg yolk 2, milk 20g, whipped cream 240g, excipient white sugar 40g, fruit according to personal taste, sweet taste, freezing process, half hourly time, simple difficulty,

Treatment of glamor ice cream

1 pick egg yolk

2 Add sugar / milk

3 stir

4 hot water sterilization

5 stirred whipped cream

6 fresh fire dragon juice

7 fresh squeezing juice

8 egg yolk is added to the cream and stir after stirring

9 plus juice mixture

10 or plus fire juice

11 or Gloria

12 extruded in the utensils


4Renchu warm reminder diners and friends can join sugar according to their own preferences, and when adding juice to juice, the sugar must be completely melted, otherwise it will affect the taste.