"The oil is left, the weather is warm, do some ice cream."


Made of milk 200ml, egg yolk 2, light cream 100g, excipient white sugar 60g, mango meat 200g, fruity taste, frozen process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Homemade mango ice cream practice steps

1 Preparation of ingredients.

2 egg yolk plus 30 g of sugar.

3 Stir to the milky white.

4 Add milk to stir well.

The 5 eggs were placed in booming and stirred and stirred, until thick.

6 mango is made into mud.

7 Light cream add 30 g of sugar to make this state.

8 mango mud into the egg milk.

9 mixed back and then add a whipped cream, mix well.

10 Put the stairs.

11 Put it in a freezer, Half hourly removes stirring with a spoon, repeating 3 times, to frozen molding.

12 digging it.

13 finished products.

14 finished products.