Made of milk 200ml, cream 200ml, egg yolk, sugar 100g, accessories glutinous rice powder 15g, crash 30g, sweet taste, frozen process, hour time, simple difficulty,

Milk ice cream practice steps

1 egg yolk plus sugar to hair.

2 milk is hot.

3 Add an appropriate amount of crash.

4 After the milk is cold, add it into the egg yolk liquid, heat it, don't let it open.Finally, add Glutinous Rice powder with water, stir it until it is thick, off.

5 Filter out the pot.

6 Remove the cream from the refrigerator.

7 Hair 5 minutes, thick.

8 points 3 times, mix the egg milk mixed into good whipped cream, cover the plastic film and fed into the refrigeration 1 2 hours, after removing the egg-repetable, then sent the refrigeration, and then repeated 4 times before and after.

9 Look at the finished product.

10 will come back.