"Summer is the world of desserts. It is the world of water parks. It is a world of cold drinks. A few children go out to swim, go to Half road, say thirsty, do not eat a ice cream is willing to move Foot, occasionally, okay, however, every day is quarreling to eat cold drinks, the head is big. So, this year I am homemade healthy and nutritious cold drinks to the children in the children. Maybe you will say, children don't love to eat fruits. That must be opened, the colorful fruit milkshake, open your summer cool rainbow. No matter what the child or adult, no one will refuse this cup of healthy nutrition, taste the cold fresh fruit ice cream milkshake. A spoon of scoop, sent to the mouth, ice, sweet silk, fruit flavor, a large cup of three two, eat a drop, no. "


Main body ham intestine ice cream 100 grams, excipient mango, 1 dragon fruit, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of fresh fruit ice cream milkshake

1 Preparation of ingredients, this ice cream is suitable for all kinds of summer drinks, or you can use a spoon directly to eat, but it is easy to excessively, especially children with no self-cultivation. The parents still have a hand, and the cerebral cave is playing the pattern. It is made into fresh fruit milkshake. It is even more nutritious.

2 Peel the dragon fruit skin, granules of the flesh, and make the mud with the mixer.

3 Mango also takes out the pulp, take the ham sausing cream from the refrigerator, cut, and pour out the bowl.

4 mango meat stir into the puree.

5 Pour the parens and ice cream intervals into the cup, and form a beautiful trisophake.

6 color bright, taste smooth fresh fruit ice cream milkshake, healthy and nutrition, sewer artifact!


Fruits can be free to match, colors intersect, so it looks particularly appetizing, and the mood is also good.