"The heat is three volts, sweating! Open the refrigerator, come to a box of Desserts ice, sweet, cool! The materials who bought ice cream have always made people feel unassured, what milk powder, inferior fresh milk, food added, etc. Today, I recommend a homemade ice cream. Recommended reason: First, the goods are genuine, the second is to make it easy. It can be made in the past one night, it is very convenient. "


Main material pure milk TW bag, egg yolk four, excipient white sugar 100g, white vinegar Two drop, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Desserts ice cream practice steps

1 egg yolk.

2 white sugar 100 grams.

3 Add the sugar to the egg yolk and stirred in white.

4 pure milk TWO bag.

5 Pour the milk into the boiled pot without oil, burn to fine, and let it cool to 40 degrees.

6 Pour the milk into the egg yolk in a few times, and constantly stir well.

7 Pour the stirred eggs into the boiled pot without oil, drop the TWO drop white vinegar to boil, let it cool, pour it into the ice cream, put it in the refrigerator for more than 8 hours.

8 Remove the ice cream cup from the refrigerator.

9 Dig with a small spoon, add Wolfberry or raisins, enjoy it!

10 Homemade ice cream is easy to make, you should eat it in your belly as soon as possible!


If there is no small ice cream cup in the family, it can also use a larger container. After the right amount is taken, put it into the refrigerator freezer, to prevent melting, taking it, it is very convenient.