"The material is about such a proportion, I can add more, I usually bananas, the purple potato is like a Halftwo than eggs."


Ingredients 30 grams of purple potato, 100 grams of banana, 200 grams of yogurt, a few drops of lemon juice, sweet taste, frozen process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pattern of purple potato banana milkshake

1 Banana is freezing, freezing is not hard.

2 Purple potato cooked or steamed can go to the skin first, then go to the skin, it is soft.

3 lyophilized bananas cut into paragraph purple potato is also scattered, ready yogurt.

4 put into the cooking machine together, you can put some sugar, drop the lemon juice, no drip, I didn't drop, I put some ice, I would be thin, I like it, I don't think about ice, casual.

5 呜呜 呜 转 细到 好 就.

6 ice is cold, taste is good.


Simple late, there is nutrition, weight loss is available.