"Milk corn milkshake, this is a very thick milkshake. The taste, the taste is very good. Processing, remove the blade, the fragrance of the corn is coming. Pin, first is the fragrance of corn, the faint milk It is quietly incorporated into the mouth, and the white sugar returns to the place here. This milkshake not only tastes well, but also nutritious, moisturized, detoxification, anti-cancer, etc. "


Ingredients 1 corn, milk 120ml, excipient white sugar mode, milk flavor, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk corn milkshake practice steps

1 fresh corn washing clean peeled

2 corn grains placed in a stone pot plus appropriate amount of water into the microwave

3 collar grains are placed in the juice cup

4 pour the right amount of milk

5 Tighten the blade assembly and align the symbols on the juice cup and the mainframe, slightly force the juice cup down, and then rotate the juice cup in the main unit clockwise.

6 Turn on the power, hand, press the switch, stir the feedstock

7 corn grains are crushing close to the ideal degree, stop, remove the blade, add an appropriate amount of sugar after installing the blade, continue to stir to the ideal extent

8 Remove the juice cup, pour the corn milk paste into the bowl, plus a few Wolfberry can be enjoyed


1. The amount of milk is based on the need for corn milkshake thickness. 2, whether sugar is added, how much is added, and it is determined for edible objects. I don't need to add sugar to my baby. 3. Heating when eating, depending on the specific situation. 4, the thickness of corn agitation is determined for edible objects. Single to eat for small babies, the processing is fine. The big baby has some granules to facilitate the baby's exercise.