"Three years ago, I went to Vietnam, in addition to coffee and black tea, I can't forget the streets of the streets. When I came back, I tried DIY ~ Sure enough lever ~ Xiaoxian Dynasty hamper ~"


Animal butter fruit, pure milk 250ml, excipient cotton sugar, original taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for homemade bovine

1 Prepare materials.

2 Pink fruit cut, throw it into the mixer.

3 Add pure milk.

4 Add white sugar according to the personal favorite sweetness.

5 Start stirring, by transforming different gears, let the milkshake are stirred more, and the taste is more delicate.

6 get it.Finally, choose a beautiful cup, mood.


I want to make the milkshakes delicate, but the avocado must be cooked. If you use unusable butter fruit, the milkshake will not only have a sense of grain, but also have a taste of the green.