"Homemade unique milkshake, I think my wife has a good figure, I have given my wife to drink, my wife has a significant effect, I have a clear effect, I share the production method!"


Ingredients milk 250g, accessories wild kiwi 2, cucumber 1 piece, rose honey is appropriate, abscine strawberry taste mode, honey, protein powder, sweet taste, seasoning process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty, ordinary difficulty,

Slimming cream

1 Prepare the material spare.

2 kiwi and cucumber cutting.

3 Pour kiwi and cucumber into the cupping machine.

4 plus strawberry flavor.

5 Pulled second steps plus rose honey.

6 In the last time, the protein powder is added, and stir it for a while, a glass of delicious milkshake is completed.

7 delicious milkshakes are completed, drink!


Make a milkshake, what kind of fruit can, add banana is a banana milkshake, add some cocoa powder is a delicious chocolate milkshake, how to match you.