"This milkshaft is sweet, the taste is very good, there is a muscles, detoxification, and beauty of beauty!"


Ingredients with banana Two, red beans TWO box, excipient walnut, sweet flavor, other crafts, one hour, simple difficulty,

Banana red bean milkshake procedure

1 At this time you need.

2 red beans are washed, and the water is slowly stewed.

3 After cooking red beans, pour it to the bowl.

4 milk poured into the broken wall.

5 banana cut into pieces.

6 Pour the chopped banana and red beans into the broken wall.

7 Cover the cover, press the fruit and vegetable juice, TWO minutes.

8 times, in the cup.

9 Star food, small Steamed Meat Dumpling + a cup of fragrance, sweet milkshake life is very pleasant!