Main material blueberry 80 grams, yogurt 100 ml, full fat milk 100 ml, excipient sugar water 50 ml, powder glycoofer, 15 ml of yellow juice, cotton candy, sugar white sugar 100 grams, hot water 230 ml, warm water 20Milulle, sour taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Blueberry milkshake procedure

1 Ingredients: yogurt, whole milk, blueberry, sugar, green juice, marshmallow, sugar powder.

2 Put the washed blueberries into a small pot.

3 Pour in sugar, boil.

4 The cube is stirred down to slippery.

5. Blueberry sauce.

The 6-cupping cup is placed in yogurt, milk and green juice, and the eggbeater is used to smooth.

7 Pour a Half milkshake into the glass.

The 8 cups of the inner wall slowly topped the plaque blueberry sauce, and then poured into the remaining milkshake.

9 Add marshmallows, blueberry decoration, sprinkle with sugar, you can drink.

10 attached sugar water practice: white sugar, normal temperature water is placed in a small pot, heat, heat, dissolve the fragrance.

11 Add hot water to boil.

12 turn for 10 minutes by cooking.