"Sweet, smooth and delicate, golden, simple and fast."


The main amount of pumpkin is appropriate, buckwheat, accessories soy, water is moderate, sweet flavor, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulties,

Pumpkin buckwheat Soybean Milk practice steps

1 yellow beans TWO for three hours.

2 buckwheat.

3 Pumpkins are peeled into small pieces.

4 soybeans, buckwheat, pumpkins on the wall.

5 Add to 1000ml of water level.

6 love to eat sweet sugar.It can not be added with the original taste.Choose a strong Soybean Milk and start with the start button.

About 30 minutes, the fragrant pumpkin buckwheat Soybean Milk was completed.

8 finished products.

9 finished products.