"Three Red Soup" is a long-awaited blood and benefiting, and the future generation is improved on this basis, extending into four red soup, five red soup ... is red beans, red dates, red skin Peanuts, brown sugar, etc., as a master, cooking porridge SOUPS health food, I have had a TWO year, I have had a TWO year before, I have a certain saying for three red soups. Simple, three red soup production methods, just to wash all the materials (except brown sugar), put it in the pan, you can put a brown sugar in the eye, so better, but tell the truth, This soup can even drink a Two, you can, drink every day, really can't afford it, because the taste is not as good as imagination, and every time you drink a big bowl, more water, the red dates are not a few, but the effect is really good After a period of food, my physical condition is steadily better, so the three red Soybean Milk shared today, there is no traditional way to make, but also made a thick Soybean Milk, so although the ingredients are similar, but The taste is a big phase, very good, I have already given the colleagues to taste it. Everyone consistently thinks particularly good to drink, so today, I have been shared here, providing a healthy and hot drink. "


Master red bean 15g, red dates 10g, red rice 10g, accessories 400ml,


1 spoon of sugar, sweet taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Three red Soybean Milk practice steps

11. First, you will prepare ingredients, the total weight of ingredients is 35 grams (dry beans), I use red beans, red rice and red dates, of course, according to the taste of the personal taste, as long as the weight is maintained at 35 grams However, after the ingredients are washed with water for more than 4 hours, if the time is not enough, you can use dry beans to make, the taste and taste will not receive any influence, I always like to make the beans, I feel that this will be more province Machine, 嘻嘻.

22. Put all the ingredients after the bubble into the Soybean Milk machine.

33. Add 400 milliliters of water, this water is made of Soybean Milk has a Two big cup, enough TWO personal breakfast, 35 grams of dried beans plus 400 ml of water such a matching, personal feeling in the thickness of the soybean milk The most suitable, not particularly thin, the Soybean Milk texture made is also very smooth.

44. Open the Soybean Milk machine, select the Soybean Milk function, as long as the quiet is waiting.

55.20 minutes, Soybean Milk machine completed the work, prompting the sound, unplug the power, poured the Soybean Milk into the cup, the formula is just as shown in Figure 2 cup Soybean Milk, plus 1 spoonful of white sugar or 1 brown sugar, stir well, super Drink.

6 Just squeezed Soybean Milk surface will have a layer of floating foam, if you don't like it, use a spoon to gently go, so that you will be better, of course, you can do it directly ~ You can drink it again. Can you have a delicious Soybean Milk, let's try it.

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