Ingredients 5 grams of soybeans, 5 grams of oatmeal, 3 pieces of acute purple potatoes, other tastes, squeezes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Patient steps for purple potato oats Soybean Milk

1 [CP] # 姐 's breakfast # I lose weight brunch (because of the night, haha) purple potato oats Soybean Milk with golden mushroom chicken Egg Cakes!Material: 5 grams of soybeans, 3 pieces of purple potato, 5 grams of oatmeal.Practice: Yellow beans can be soaked overnight, and it is also possible.

2 Purple potato is born, cut into pictures so thick, about 3-4 tablets.

3 All materials are placed in the Jiuyang Rabbit Soybean Milk, and the water level is added to the highest.

4 After covering the lid, select the Soybean Milk mode. After startup, wait for the Soybean Milk!

5 little residue is not!

6 probably the quantity of the Two coffee cup, enough for me to drink!

7 With a golden mushroom chicken Egg Cakes, it will be fine.