"Breakfast is eaten, don't have morning, play a Soybean Milk plus twistde cruller, it's full of energy! Look at the sisters of the wind and savvy," # sister's breakfast # 也 效仿. "


Significant dry pea 40 grams, 2 bottles of excipient mineral water, original taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Millet Glutinous Riceboybean Milk practice steps

1 Preparation of ore ore water and Soybean Milk.

2 Add 600 ml of required water.

3 peas need to be washed clean, then pour into the grinding cavity of the machine.

4 Lock the machine cover and press the grain in the startset menu.

5 Select 0. 6 liters below.

6 Everything is done!Automatic drop.

7 is not bad to match twistde cruller or bread

8 # Sister's breakfast # Home made breakfast, clean and affordable.