"Panpu rushed lungs, promotes intestinal stomach and creep, will also have the role of innocence and beauty. The weather is getting cold, drinking a warm Soybean Milk, health and warm stomach."


Main material pumpkin 150g, soybean 30g, oatmeal 15g, excipient water 1000 ml, sweet taste, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Pumpkin Oat Soybean Milk Practice Steps

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 soybeans and oats are cleaned.

3 Pumpkins were washed and removed into small pieces.

Add water to the water level line corresponding to the required slurry amount in the 4SOYBEAN MILK machine tank.

5 Add soy, oats and pumpkins into the Soybean Milk.

6 cover the abrasive cavity, tighten in place.

7SOYBEAN MILK machine is connected to the power supply, select "Valley" program, "0.6L", and starts pulp.

After 8 twenty minutes, the pulp was completed.


Add white sugar drinking according to the taste.