"I sent our own black beans before relatives. I can play Soybean Milk. Add some red dates, faint sweetness, no longer add sugar. Now advocate sinking diet, so healthy. My mom likes to drink Soybean Milk. I played a cup in the afternoon, with a small snack, when the afternoon tea. Because her stomach is not good, it is too much to eat, it is easy to hungry in the afternoon. "


The material is the right amount of black beans, red beans, 6 capsules, 2 red dates, Wolfberry1, sweet taste, squeezing process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Double Beans Red Date Soybean Milk Practice Steps

1 Prepare various materials, with Soybean Milk machine with Soybean Milk machine with a slight black bean and red beans, because additional materials are added.

2 Wash the black beans and red beans and soak for hours.

3 Pour the bubble beans into the Soybean Milk.

4 Peanuts and Wolfberry are also washed.

5 Jujube is clean, remove the core, tear a few pieces, and join the Soybean Milk machine. Then add water to the tick, start the machine to start playing Soybean Milk.

6 The good Soybean Milk can drink directly, mind that the fine slag can be filtered.


1, the Soybean Milk machine has a fixed slurry, so it is easy to overflow according to the amount of the instructions, otherwise it is easy to overflow. 2, if there is any other material, the amount of beans is best to reduce a little bit. 3, although most machines can do, but I think the Soybean Milk that the soaked beans can be soakeited. The Soybean Milk, which has always feels the beans debris in Sha, and the Soybean Milk is not rich enough.