"The fire will make people get angry, it will make people become uncomfortable, the skin will become bad, so you need a drink that you need to cool down, help you to calm your own calm down, a cup of fireThe dry Soybean Milk is appropriate, breakfast, a cup, afternoon tea to a cup, come to a cup, it is a good time. "


Ingredients with a little yellow beans, a little green beans,


Coconut juice 250ml, other taste, baking process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice to descend to cool down Soybean Milk

1 Prepare the required ingredients first.

2 soybeans and mung beans are rinsed with water.

3 Yellow Beans and Green Beans are placed in the Soybean Milk machine, add the appropriate amount of coconut juice, and the coconut juice will be added to the maximum water level line.

4 Cover the cover, start the Soybean Milk machine, select the Soybean Milk function.

5 About ten minutes a cup of drinking Soybean Milk is done, delicate and slag, Soybean Milk is mixed with coconut juice, not bad, drink.


If there is no coconut juice, you can also add water directly.