"Spring food grain, nourish the liver spleen. The child is not eating these coarse grains on weekdays, but the children are very love to drink. Today, with oatmeal, walnuts, black beans into SoybeanMilk, shallow brove, smooth and delicate, especially good. "


Main material oats, walnuts, accessories black beans 2, sweet flavor, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulties,

Practice steps of oat wraps black Soybean Milk

1 bubble 2 black beans 2.

2 Walnuts is washed.

3 Establishing oats.

4 black beans, oatmeal, walnuts, add a few rock sugar.

5 The water level is added to 1400 ml.Choose a strong Soybean Milk and start with the start button.

About 30 minutes, the fragrant oat wraps are made of Soybean Milk.The above foam will be eliminated.

7 Shallow brove, smooth and delicate.

8 finished products.

9 finished products.