"Soybean Milk variety has a lot, according to different needs, you can drink different Soybean Milk. If you have different beans, there will be different diet, you can whiten, you can go to fire, you can get blood ... Today's SoybeanMilk is a Soybean Milk who should drink more brains, improve memory, and the mind is getting awake, getting smarter. "


Ingredients with Half spoon, 2 walnuts,


Water water, sweet taste, baking process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Puzzle Soybean Milk

1 Let's first prepare the ingredients you need.

2 soybeans clean, walnuts to remove the shell into small pieces.

3 Add all ingredients into the Soybean Milk machine, add the appropriate amount of water, and do not exceed the maximum water level line.

4 Start the Soybean Milk function of the Soybean Milk machine, wait for Soybean Milk.

5 times, Soybean Milk is done, delicate and smooth, there is no smell of bean slag, alcohol, so drink.


About the ratio of soybeans and red beans can be 1: 1, no strict weigh.