"Starbucks God horse is floating! As long as there is equipment and materials, there is no need to go to Starke in the future!"


Subject coffee powder 2 spoon, water 2 cups, milk 100 ml, accessories caramel sauce mode, chocolate sauce mode, cream appropriate amount, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Kabhno practice steps

1 Prepare all materials, coffee suggestions with cooker or sharpened machines now into coffee powder, I am lazy, it is put it in advance in the sealed tank.

2 pour 2 spoonful of coffee powder, press the powder

32 cups of water, add a small amount of water, to ensure steam can also be made.

4 milk poured into the pull flower cup, Starbucks used the birthday milk, I use our local silver bridge milk, some people say that the milk in the box of Mengniu is best, because the content of milk is higher, play out The more dense milk, the better the taste. This, everyone feels, I feel almost the same, yes, my bag is 100ml, just poured into 1/2 cup, I can strengthen the amount of TWO cup of coffee

5 boot, start cooking coffee, steam coffee machine is not big, but the taste is very strong, I used to use the dripping, the feet fee water, the taste is better than the speed, changed to steam, grade increased

6 After the coffee is connected, start with steam to play the fo, this is good, dense, or look at the level of technology. If the nozzle is too close to the front, it is easy to spray everywhere, if it is too far, it can't spray into fine, it is recommended to explore the nozzle in the middle.

7 Kabhno, get some cream, online children's shoes are used for octal cream, and then put into the silk bag and squeeze into the cup. I am lazy, I am afraid, I bought it directly. Cream, Directly sprayed with a cup, you have to buy the children's shoes.

8 coffee is good, the split is poured into the Two cup

9 Pay attention to the difference between Kabhno and Macchiato, Kabhno is poured with milk, mixed with coffee into coffee milk; Macchiato, it is a spoon to put the milk foam to the surface, then fall back Engenerate, let the milk float. . .

10 Sprinkle caramel sauce, this is a caramel Macchiato, caramel sauce can DIY, I still buy ready-made, good, online shopping ~

11 sprayed with cream, tape chocolate sauce, this is Kabhno ~, haha, I still have cocoa, you can also do a lot of patterns,


Now Starbucks' caramel Macchiato is 32 yuan / CUP, the big cup, in fact, the cost of DIY will be low, the key is that DIY feels very good. When I came home last time, I did Macchiato for them. They said that it tastes good. It's hard to do it yourself, as long as there is equipment (coffee machine), (material: coffee beans), (ingredients: caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, etc.) can make a comparable starbuck coffee. By the way, the coffee must be used in pure water, boil it for a while, and it is easy to go directly. It is easy to let the coffee machine produce scale, causing clogging, and finally the coffee machine hangs. . . . Ok, this is my first time I am working in Meishichina. I hope everyone will support it. I will continue to send it! Friends who are interested in coffee can I qq, 9628223