"Thank the gourmet gourmet gives me the opportunity to try the Cater coffee. I haven't been interested in coffee. Who knows that I have fell in love with coffee after I have learned these days, I only have limited empirical test report. Please understand.Learning ~~~~ "


Ingredients, etc.

Storm Snowby Ice Coffee Practice Steps

1 down 50 grams of Cater coffee powder in the boilence.

2 Wash the appropriate amount of water in accordance with the concentration of your favorite, and the coffee flavor is coming.

3 put the boiled pot on the fire for three minutes, then the coffee is the best time.

4 When making coffee, put the ice in the cup, put a little sugar, and topped with chocolate sauce.

5 Cooked coffee pour the ice into the ice, so that the coffee is quickly cooled, so ice coffee can maintain the most fragrant taste.

6 Light cream add sugar to send a silk flower bag, cover the cream on the ice coffee, use a few chocolate bean dress points, you can drink.