"Coffee is a recognized health drink, but drinking coffee must reasonably, scientifically drinking, in order to be healthy, to do the right time. Drink a cup after getting up in the morning, it is awake, it is a bit, this is a bit of work, this The coffee can be slightly strong. After the meal or evening coffee is slightly light. Coffee contains caffeine, due to the role of stimulating the central nervous or muscles, muscles or fatigue recover, work efficiency, The clever effect makes it more sensitive to the mind. Please drink coffee ..... "


Animated a scoop of a coffee coffee, auxiliary white sugar amount, other taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for fragrant coffee

1 Received Cater Coffee.

2230 grams of vacuum packaging, making coffee contact air, better quality.

3 Just open the package, a coffee-specific fragrance comes.

4, look at the small coffee particles, it is really genuine.

5 cups of tea (I am with a thin-filtered net), white sugar is also the same as the effect.

6 I like light, a little coffee, add a spoonful.

7 rush into the hot water.

8 plus 5 minutes.

9 have a strong coffee fragrance, a hint containing a like, a bitter, drinking a bitter, rich, refreshing and elegant, making people feel infinite ...

10 fragrant coffee with a small snack, the afternoon sunshine, comfortable and comfortable ....


Our Chinese family has tea sets, but the coffee pot is not a family, and it can make a fragrant coffee like a tea tea.