"Southeast Asia flows like this:" Chaozhou Powder Fujian Face, Hainan Coffee Ren ". It is said that in Southeast Asia, most of the coffee shops are managed by Hainan. In the 1950s, Southeast Asia's returned overseas Chinese, not only The traditional and production of coffee, brewed coffee craftsmanship to Hainan Xinglong, also produced a famous Xinglong coffee, the taste is pure, the coffee is rich, delicious, is awake, very popular, a German. A German The experts have left such a paragraph after tasting Xinglong coffee: "The Chinese cafe tastes better than I have done before, I hope you can grow a lot. I hope that in the near future, I can buy Xinglong coffee in Germany. ""


Main material coffee powder mode, pumpkin mode, white sugar mode, milk mode, excipient refining, milk flavor, boiled process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Pumpkin coffee practice steps

1 take 10g fried coffee beans.

2 Pour the coffee beans into the coffee grinder, graze.

3 grated coffee powder.

4 pumpkin slice, steamed

5 pumpkins are put into the mixer.

6 Add part of milk, sugar stir.

7 Then add coffee powder, and the remaining Half milk is stirred. (Accelerated coffee powder can also be)

8 mixed pumpkin coffee after mixing

9 Prepare an appropriate amount of ice, you can add it when you drink. (You can also add yourself with your hobby)


The wonderful coffee slag: 1. Place the aromatic deodor in the toilet or refrigerator. 2. Place in the ash cylinder to remove smoke odor. 3. In the dishwashing pool, rinse with water, remove the odor and oil in the drain pipe.