"Drink a cup of coffee on a long afternoon, tasting, relax, and feel the beauty of life."


Ingredients milk 200g, Pu'er 10g, water water 200g, fine sand sugar, special coffee 10g, milk flavor, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Diy Pu'er Coffee Milk Tea Practice Steps

1 ready for materials

2 Pu'er tea leaves 5 to 10 minutes, soak

3200 grams of tea is filtered into milk pot, add milk, cook for boiling

4 Add a coffee powder to the small fire mix

5 Doing a good Pu'er coffee milk tea on the side of the screen, then add the appropriate amount of sugar and mix by pressing the personal taste.

6 so delicious milk tea is ready to make

7 If you don't want to drink milk tea outside milk, do your own yourself.