"Today, this cup of coffee is actually very simple, special altitude coffee plus fresh milk and milk, in fact, it is latte, 嘿嘿, sieve a layer of cocoa powder, show completely different appearances, no flowerI love to drink the girl's shoes, it is a good way! "


Main material coffee beans, milk proper amount, cocoa powder, other taste, skill technology, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for flower lant coffee

1 Prepare materials and tools, and the coffee cup pour the hot water heating cup.

2 grinding.It is now good to cook the coffee.

3 Motto the cup of coffee.

4 pure milk heating to 60 ° Pouring into the milk cup, playing a milk.

5 warm coffee cup poured into 1/3 hot coffee.

6 Pour milk and milk.

7 With sugar screens and sieves.

8 Sieve beautiful patterns with cocoa powder.

9 Drink a cup.