"3.14, the scientific and engineering is said to be π day, clear literary literature is said to be" White Valentine's Day ", eat, no matter what π day is also Valentine's Day, first drink a warm chocolate coffee."


Main material coffee 2 grams, chocolate sauce5 gram, milk 150ml, cotton candy 3, excipient boiling water 100ml, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Warm chocolate coffee practice steps

1 Prepare all ingredients, coffee, chocolate, milk, marshmallows;

22 grams of coffee, poured into the cup, add 100ml boiling water, mix;

3150ml milk to cook to 70 degrees;

4100ml warm milk poured into the coffee cup;

5 50g of the warm milk bubble with a foam, add the coffee cup;

6 put in cotton candy;

7 On the top of the cotton candy, there is a slow melting of cotton candies on the top of marshmallows.

8 Valentine's Day came to a cup of warm chocolate coffee.


1. Different coffee brands, different amounts; 2. When you rush into the milk, you can do it according to your favorite pattern; 3. I like to eat more cotton candies.