"Free video given from" Mai Mai "to do your favorite, small snowman. Look while learning, more advice."


Main orthographic concentrated coffee 25ml (espresso), excipient fresh milk moderate, syrup, original taste, skill process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Coffee pull flower snowman practice steps

1 Make a cup of two-piece mesh concentrated coffee.

2 Put freshly refrigerated milk, make a milk

3 Inject your good milk into coffee

4 When you are about to be full, you can implant the milk.

5 milk injection hierarchy

6 Prepare the smile of the snowman with a pull flower

7 first come to Two eyes

8 nose and mouth

9 painted hat

10 head painted

11 added button

12 use syrup to decorate


14 Creating a star point

15 and then use the pull flower spot to come out

16 This is the finished product, look good.


Pay attention to each time you use it with a pull flower.