"Winter, a warm chocolate hot coffee warm your heart. Cold cold, don't want to buy coffee, it is better to do it yourself in the home, simple materials, as long as coffee, chocolate, marshmallow, you can make a cup Five-star warm heart coffee. In the morning, send a cup of chocolate warm hot coffee for love, is the best gift in winter. "


3 grams of material coffee, 20 grams of chocolate, 5 marshmallow, 150ml of milk, 100ml of excipient drinking water, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, advanced difficulty,

Warm chocolate hot coffee practice steps

1 Prepare ingredients: coffee, chocolate, milk, marshmallow;

2 Drink water boil, pour it into the coffee;

3 Chocolate with peeling planers, shaking chocolate into debris;

4 milk cook 70-80 degrees, add chocolate shake (leaving a little decoration), mix melts, turn off; PS: milk temperature should not exceed 80 degrees.

5 Cooked chocolate milk in a coffee cup;

6 hot add cotton candy;

7 Small chocolate films on cotton candies.


1. Chocolate recommended with seashell chocolate, chocolate choppers will have color pattern, beautiful; 2. Milk temperature should not exceed 80 degrees; 3. Masson sugar can be adjusted according to your own taste.