"People who like to try diligers, they want to Kabuccino coffee is the most suitable. The traditional cappuccino is very beautiful. If you do coffee at home, you will not pull the flowers, add chocolate to do decoration, nutrition "Color value" and the six benefits of drinking coffee, 1. Drinking coffee can reduce cancer risk; 2. Protection of cardiovascular; 3. Enhance memory; 4. Prevent diabetes; 5. Help for longevity; 6. Reduce fat The risk of liver. "


3 grams of material coffee, 5 grams of chocolate, 150ml of milk, 100ml of excipient drinking water, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, advanced difficulty,

Practice for Cappuccino chocolate coffee

1 Prepare ingredients: coffee, chocolate, milk;

2 Drink water boil, pour it into the coffee;

3 milk is cooked 70-80 degrees, poured into 100ml into the coffee cup; ps: milk temperature should not exceed 80 degrees.

450ml hot milk, baked with a bubble;

5 Pour the laying milk into a mixed coffee;

6 chocolate planed into a fragrance, on the milk, gently tanned chocolate.


1. The milk temperature should not exceed 80 degrees;