"May Day is in tomorrow, today I feel that the body is already vacation, I need to come to a cup of coffee."


Some coffee beans, a number of excipients, the original taste, stereotype, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Homemade coffee practice steps

1 Prepare coffee beans, square sugar, broken wall, hot water and fracture pot

2 Bake the coffee beans for 5 minutes in advance, and wait for its fragrance floating out, then break the wallwork to ground coffee beans, 10 yuan 1 minute thick particles

3 Powder is 1:16, add the calculus pot, water temperature 90 degrees, soak for 4 minutes

4 You can add an appropriate amount of Furnish sugar.Remember to use your favorite coffee cup, record beautiful photos, you can send a circle.


1. Pink proportion 1: 162, the particle image of the granulated sugar can be 3, the water temperature is around 90 degrees