130 grams of coffee beans, 200 grams of accessories, original taste, skill technology, three times, simple difficulty,

Mantein's practice steps

1 Handmade Sumatra G1 Wash Manteen Soy Beans.

2 Preheat to 100 degrees Celsius.

3 Take Mantin soy hoses to the baking tray (one floor).

4 The oven temperature is 160 degrees, and the baking tray with Mantein soy beans is placed in the middle layer, baked for 12 minutes to dehydrate.

5 Turn the oven temperature to 200 degrees Celsius, and take the coffee beans after a burst of 1/3 coffee beans to retain the original forest in Mantein. The remaining continued baking.

6 After more than 130 seconds, take out at the coffee beans close to two explosions to activate Mantein's rich taste. The oven is powered off.

7 Cooling TWO and mix.

8 Grinding the ripe beans to the fine particles. Don't go to the silver to keep the original flavor.

9 Prepareons. The lower pot is loaded into 200 grams of hot water (in the bottom of the pot). The upper pot is hooked and inserts the lower pot and soaked in the lower pot water. Ignite the alcohol lamp and heating the pot. When the pot is pulled out in a row, the upper pot will be pressed into the lower pot, and the lower pot water enters the upper pot. After the water is reduced, 30 grams of coffee powder is added, and the coffee powder is pulled with the bamboo spoon, and the powder is pressed under the water, cook for 30 seconds. Dial once a coffee powder and continue to cook for 30 seconds.

10 flameout, boiled coffee is sucking to the lower pot.

11 Enjoy the original Mantein coffee into the cup. Coffee has a faint herbal fragrance, and it is not refreshing in the mellow, and the mint is slightly mint.


When cooking coffee, the ratio of coffee powder and water can be adjusted according to your own taste.