"Play coffee small pattern, do it to do a cup of coffee yourself, mood is also beautiful"


Animated coffee, 1 full fat milk 200g, accessories can be a little, milk flavor, skill technology, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Steps for gradient coffee

1 Prepare glass, milk and a concentrated coffee liquid

2 Milk is making a soft milk

3 scrape off the rough bubble

4 Pour into the cup, the cup of a Half can

5 with a spoon to hold the cup wall slowly pour into the concentrated coffee liquid

6 The rest of the milk with a spoon is covered with the upper layer

7 surface sprinkle cocoa powder

8 a cup of gradient coffee is done (do not like the original surface layer can add sundries and chocolate sauce)


I don't like the original taste, I can pour the appropriate amount of syrup in the bottom of the cup and then pour it into the milk mix.