"When the afternoon is coming, spring is the easiest to be sleepy at this time, come to a coffee cup."


Main material coffee 1 pack, pure milk 400g, water 200g, accessories tea 10g, brown sugar 30g, ginger powder 5g, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Coffee milk tea practice steps

1 tea is ready

2 Milk 400 grams joined the Soybean Milk machine to join 200 grams

3 Add a pack of coffee

4 Add brown sugar

5 and then add ginger powder

6 hang the tea basket

7SOYBEAN MILK machine is installed, press the milk tea function


9 milk tea

10 It is also coffee and is very refreshing with milk tea.

11 finished products


I do very delicious at home. If you don't have this Soybean Milk machine, you can use milk pot.