"The weather is getting smoldering hot. I really want to drink ice-cold snow top coffee. So homemade snow top coffee, drink ice cool and refreshing. Good taste better!"


Main material pure milk 200g, ice cubes 130g, excipient whipped cream 100g, cooked peanuts, appropriate amount of chocolate sauce, soy bean,

Snow top coffee practice steps

1 Pour the ice cubes and pure milk into the container.

2 Pour the coffee powder and white sugar into the container.(Personal love put how much white sugar)

3 Made in the hand-held cooking rod.

4 Pour in the cup after mixing well and put it into the refrigerator.

5 Pour the light cream and white sugar 15g into the basin and send a uniform.After playing good whipped cream, put the silk flower bag standby.

6 Squeeze the cream in the top, and the chocolate sauce, sprinkle flowers and honey beans.Finish!

7 finished chart.Drink ice cool!

8 finished graph.


1. If there is no hand-held, it can also be cooked or mixer.2. Personally love you can put it.