"Summer is here, continuous high temperature, always want to drink a great cold drink! Coffee star ice music, high B grid ... The method is simple, come with sugar, to ensure that you can get it ... "


Ingredients milk 300g, light cream 150g, craymine 10g, coffee powder 10g, hot water 80g, accessories fine sugar 15g, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulties,

Coffee star ice making steps

1 Coffee powder, this is a coffee that friends gave me back

210 grams of coffee powder added 80 g of hot water and mix well

3 After the coffee is cool, pour into the mold (the ice is not seen at home, only this mold can be replaced) and put it into a refrigerator.

4 Mixed milk is mixed in milk

5 remove the ice cubes into the cup

6 pour milk and crash mixture

7 light cream add fine sugar, send a full state

8 Put the whipped cream into the silk flower bag with the mouth, slowly squeezed up in the cup, and crushing on top zero decoration chocolate

9 finished products, beautiful!

10 Coffee Star Ice, then equipped with a coffee style, good afternoon tea!


1, ice cubes freezing time is not enough, so some are liquid, please forgive time is urgent, in fact, the previous day is best! 2, chocolate, it is gently scraped with a knife on the chocolate block, so the decoration is messy and better.