"Ethiopian TomoCar is the most natural coffee beans. Ethiopia's guests will bring a few bags of coffee beans for me. They think this is the most popular coffee on them. After a long time, I also slowly put it out of the taste, compared with three plus two, this clearing coffee flavor is a very rich fruit and grass. Take a small coffee it uniquely sweet, acid The bitterness is extremely elegant and the aftertaste. Today, use it to make a rich tomocar coffee, friends like it together. "


30 grams of essential coffee beans, the amount of sugar, the amount of water, the original taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practical steps on cooking coffee

1 Preparation of ingredients and tools used.

2 Insert the coffee beans into the grinder.

3 Grind to coffee beans into powder.

4 Add the coffee powder and boiled water to the pot of high temperature resistant.

5 Move to the furnace, boil into the coffee, then continue to slowly boil the coffee, it is more than twenty minutes.

6 Filter the boiled coffee into the coffee cup.

7 Press the personal preference to add an appropriate amount of sugar or the milk to make a taste.


Boiled coffee is not easy to fire, and the fire is boiled and fragrant.