"Single Brazilian mountains, oven baking. Flavor: lemon, berry, chocolate"


Ingredients coffee beans 100ghalf sun Brazilian Shanduk soybean (NY2 / 3, 17 ~ 18), accessories water 300ml, other tastes, other processes, three times, simple difficulty,

Mountain sporting steps

1 Put the mountain snorned beans in the baking tray, which is the hot expansion of the coffee beans.

2 Preheating to 100 degrees Celsius, adding a coffee bean grove, dehydration for 15 minutes, coffee beans exudes soybean incense during the dehydration, gradually become yellowish brown. The oven temperature is adjusted to 150 degrees, baked for 5 minutes; then adjust the oven temperature to 190 degrees, bake for 3 minutes; after the removal stage, the color of the coffee beans quickly detritions, and enters an explosion period.

3 After the explosion 50 seconds, remove the coffee baking dish, and remove a Half coffee beans into the fruit fragrance of the mountains. Another Half coffee bean quickly placed back into the oven and continued to bake.

4 Another Half coffee bean is baked again for 90 seconds, and it is taken close to the two explosion, mixing with the previous HALF beans, and cool down.

5 Coffee beans do not go to the silver, grind to fine powder.

6 Intohash pot pour 300 ml of hot water (2 cups). The pot and potter must be dried to avoid explosion during heating.

7 sinenha pot hook the filter.

8 ignite lights.

9 Insert the upper pot of the siphon insert into the lower pot, and the alcohol lamp is heated to lower the pot.

After the water in the lower pot boil, rose to the upper pot.

11 The boiling water rises to the upper pot, the bubble is short, add 30 grams of Mount Mount Coffee powder, cooked for 3 minutes (for soil, lightly pressing the coffee powder to the water).

12 extinguished the alcohol lamp.

13 With the low temperature of the pot, the coffee on the upper pot is automatically filtered to the lower pot.

14 Waiting for the coffee in the upper pot to filter all into the lower pot.

15 Pour the cooked coffee to the cup. The fresh taste of the mountains and lemon and berries have been retained.