"Wood has coffee machine drops silver and wants to participate in the coffee game, how to break?! There is a love coffee, you can try to search for the family that can be related to the coffee, do this creama coffee. Because it doesn't have to do a milk machine. After doing it, I taste it is full of accomplishment, because it is really good to drink, I ~ very ~ full ~ meaning !!! Coffee incense, chocolate syrup Sweet The fragrance of cream is soft, and the chocolate shizzans and cinnamon have a distinctive sweet and breath, combined with a very good coffee. If there is a coffee machine, I believe I can do better ~~ Popularize: cream Jia Jiao coffee is Moraka and cream coffee. Initially, the coffee was promoted from the New York's café, and after the entire United States promoted. In the United States, the coffee containing Zhu Guili is called Moch coffee, but also, American cream coffee To use the stirring cream as a special, rather than using the milk that mixed the foam. "


Main material coffee powder 15g, hot water 210ml, chocolate syrup 20g, light cream 50g, excipient sugar powder 1/2 spoon, chocolate chopping, a little cinnamon powder, sweet taste, other crafts, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Cream coffee practice steps

1 Place an ear bag on the sharing cup, put the coffee powder, with 92 degrees of hot water, pour about 30 g of hot water, stand for about 30 seconds.

2 Continue to pour in hot water to pour it in the center painting ring, wait for the dropping of coffee, start the hot water from the first step to the final drop filter to complete the timing for 3 minutes.

3 drops were completed after the completion of the hanging ear bag.

4 light cream poured into the small pot and put it in a sugar powder.

5 Develop a soft peak to the surface, and set it with a doctor blade.

6 Put the cream into the silk bag.

Pour in chocolate syrup in the 7 cups.

8 Pour 120g coffee.

9 mix well with a small spoon.

10 squeeze the cream, float on the surface.

11 Sapphire chocolate.

12 Repropted some cinnamon frozen to drink.


1. After preparing the material, you will sharing a cup with the cup in advance, flush with hot water, and use it after the water is used, which is beneficial to preserve the aroma of coffee. 2. The quantity after the coffee drip is not necessarily 120g, but in the final pour into the number of squares. 3. The actual amount of light cream is about 30g, but it is too less difficult to send, and the left can make a cup. 4. Cinnamon powder is heavier, so put a little bit.