"Moncasy milk and alcoholic ice can be mixed together, drink a bite, full of summer breath! I originally wanted to draw a flower on the milk, the result is a good or ugly! Simply stirring and stirring, not ugly Har! "


The main material can be cocoa, the amount of whole milk, the amount of dark chocolate, the amount of accessories, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Bubble ice cocoarative steps

1 Take a proper amount of cocoa powder, use hot water, must be used with hot water, cold water. The amount of cocoa powder depends on his own taste. You can put a little more with bitterness. Fully turn on the refrigerator for 10 minutes (you can also add ice directly).

2 full fat milk poured into the proliferator.

3 Start the normal temperature button, the resulting milk is not heated. If it is the autumn and winter season, you can start the heating button.

4 When you make a milk, the chocolate is melted into the silk bag. There is no chocolate sauce at home, so you have to use this method.

After 53 minutes, the proliferator stopped running, and the milk was hit, and it was very stunned.

6 Put the milk along the cup wall and slowly inject the cup with ice, and use a spoon to care.

7 squeezed chocolate sauce. In fact, this step can be cocoa powder on the surface, and it is also very good to use a cocoa and curved shape!

8 Pick the pattern with a toothpick, oh, the hand is disabled, so ugly!

9 paintings, simply stir the peace, this is not so ugly!

10 can be changed to coffee powder or green tea powder, it is a good choice! Sweet small partners can add sugar or honey.