"Chocolate coffee can enjoy at home, using the ingredients simple from espresso, chocolate, milk, and then with a cotton candy. Espresso rich taste, with lubricated milk; quite some soul A cup of coffee per day, not only eliminating fatigue, but also benefiting the skin to promote metabolic functions, active digestive organs. Solid consolidation, intensity dehumidia, reinforcement, help longevity. Six benefits of drinking coffee, 1. Drink coffee Cancer risks can be reduced; 2. Protection of cardiovascular; 3. Enhance memory; 4. Prevent diabetes; 5. Help for longevity; 6. Reduce the risk of fatty liver. "


3 grams of espresso, 150ml of milk, 20 grams of chocolate, 1 cotton candy, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, advanced difficulty,

Practice steps for chocolate coffee

1 Prepare ingredients: coffee, chocolate, milk, marshmallow, etc .;

2 Cook the espresso machine with a coffee machine;

3 Boiled coffee pour into the cup.

4 milk heating to 70 degrees, 100ml hot milk poured into the just coffee cup;

550ml hot milk, baked with a bubble;

6 Pour the laying milk into the coffee milk cup;

7 chocolate isolation, gently fell on the milk, in the middle of marshmallows.


1. Do not exceed 80 degrees of milk temperature; 2. Chocolate isolation is used as a small fire. 3. Each coffee machine is different, frill coffee, boiled coffee, heating, troubles such as bruising; 4. The best time for drinking coffee 9: 30-11: 00.