"The original yogurt, simple, delicious, fun, and peace of mind. It is also the foundation of all kinds of yogurt products. You can use yogurt to make a variety of fruity yogurt, milkshake, milk, cake, western cuisine. I Send this recipe, the most important thing to tell everyone, full of milk and skim milk fermentation difference. "


Significant amount of pure milk, excipient yogurt, perimeter, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps for original concentrate

1 This is the usual product, the effect is good, you can also search for other fermented soy bacteria yourself, each with your own use.

2 containers, I use ordinary soup pots, with a capacity of more than one liter, because I fermented is a demonstration with a liter of milk.

3 The container is first sterilized with boiling water, or steaming high temperature, the effect is the same.

4 degreased pure milk is liter.

5 Pour into the container.

6 Add 1G bifidobacteria, and 40g left and right white sugar (about 67 cm diameter shallow small soup spoon Half spoon, can also be weighed).

7 Stir TWO for about three minutes, to the substantially melting of sugar.

8 Put the oven place, position. (You can also use yogurt machines directly)

9 The upper and lower temperatures are adjusted to 50 degrees, the switch is turned to the fermentation (if the hot air cycle function is turned on, the temperature is adjacent to 60 degrees), the time is adjacent to the long communication function (if there is no long communication function, it is time to time, Timed again until it is over 10 hours).

10 Fermentation 8 hours, the fermented yogurt will have a substantially thick, and the surface will have a thin and transparent whey, which can smell the lightweight. At this time, add 10 to 15 grams of white sugar (six or seven cm diameter shallow small toner to one-quarter to a third of one-thirds), stir the spools and yogurt and sugar, HALF minutes.

11 Remove the fermented TWO to four hours. take out.

12 The thickness will increase, and the sweet taste is obvious. Put it in the refrigerator preservation layer, the temperature is reduced, it will be more thick, and the sweetness will be more obvious. Generally, the refrigerator is stored too long, and it is best to use within the TWO week.

13 yogurt should be eaten, you can use it directly, sweet and sweet, cool, and soft taste. You can also make a variety of yogurt products.


1. If the pure milk is used by whole milk, it can be added with sugar in one time, directly fermented by about 10 hours, and finally stirred (mix well with whey) to save the refrigerator. The fermentation time of degreasing milk is slightly longer than TWO hours. 2, due to high fat milk fat content, more susceptible to fermentation, so the fermentation capacity is increased without division of sugar, and mixing the fermentation capacity. 3. If you want to ferment, it is easy to simply and the weight of the milk, choose the whole fat milk, you must choose the degreated milk. 4, sugar can improve the bacterial activity, first plus some sugar, guarantee the basic fermentation activity, add sugar in the middle, ferment 8 hours, the temperature is more suitable, add a small amount of sugar to increase the activity of the bacterial activity. 5, the container is high temperature sterilization, which can reduce the effect of external bacteria, yogurt fermentation. 6, yogurt has the function of health, damaging fat, helps digestion, so deeply affected by female friends, and also loves to move with sports and fitness friends.