"Go to New Zealand, bring back a yogurt powder, just add water, you can make yogurt, convenient."


Main material New Zealand yoghurt powder 25 grams, excipient water 100ml, sweet taste, other processes, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Homemade New Zealand honey yogurt practice steps

1 Honey sour milk powder for one of the TWO plants. Didn't look at it, this yogurt powder is mixed with yogurt, the size capacity of yogurt is specific, so there is no specific water ratio on the production step.

2 Take a careful research manual, this 210 grams of yogurt powder can make 1 kg of fresh yogurt, thus calculating the proportion of yogurt powder and water from about 1: 4.

3 No family's matching yogurt, just use your own yogurt machine.

4 Pour 50 ml of warm water into the yogurt bottle, put the left and right yogurt powder, shake well.

5 Add another 50ml warm water.

6 cover the cover.

7 Directly put the yogurt bottle in the yogurt machine, energize and start making it.

86 hours is basically done.

9 The texture is not bad.

10 Into the refrigerator for 2 hours, the taste is better.

11 With mango, you can enjoy the taste of your milk source at home.